Police have delivered a strong warning for protesters engaged in violence at the airport.

Chief Superintendent of the Police Public Relations Branch, John Tse, said according to the law anyone found guilty of taking violent action resulting in death or injury could be jailed for life.

In a police briefing on Wednesday, Tse pointed out that anyone blocking people’s access at the airport may already have broken the law.

Commenting on separate attacks on two mainlanders on Tuesday evening, assistant police commissioner Mak Chin-ho warned protesters against using force and taking matters into their own hands.

One of the victims was suspected to be a mainland security officer.

“They should not be attacked simply because of the suspicion of their original professions or origins of place,” Mak said.

The police also defended the action of the officer who pulled out his gun as he came under attack.

Mak said the officer was simply defending himself in a time of danger.

“Our officer exercised great restraint when he was holding up the revolver and as the protesters retreated, he immediately put back the resolver and other officers came to his aid,” he said.