Police today urged members of the public and professional entities to join hands with the force to stop the violence in society.


Police New Territories North Regional Commander Kwok Yam-yung made the appeal at a press conference this afternoon.


He said over the past four months, an increase in the intensity and extensiveness of rioters’ violence has been seen.


“Their violence has intensified with more dangerous weapons and tactics being used and the atrocity has extended to many different districts of Hong Kong, affecting the livelihoods of most of our law-abiding citizens.”


He noted that over the past weekend there was a sharp escalation in vandalism.


Rioters targeted many retail shops and restaurants, inflicting extensive damage. Over 200 cases of vandalism of shops, Mass Transit Railway facilities and public properties were recorded in the past four days.


Some rioters also set up barricades on main roads and intercepted passing vehicles, posing a grave danger to drivers, while others viciously beat up people with opposing views.


Between October 4 and 7, Police took 241 people into custody and since June 2,363 have been arrested.


Since the Prohibition on Face Covering Regulation was enacted on Saturday, 77 people have been arrested for flouting the rule.


Mr Kwok said: “We are deeply concerned by the spreading of lawlessness in Hong Kong by rioters who subscribe to the idea that breaking the law to achieve their so-called democratic goals is a noble one. That cannot be true.


“We sincerely appeal to every member of the public and professional entities to do the right thing, to do whatever is within their power and ability to help Police to stop this madness.”