An off-duty police officer was injured in a knife attack near the Kwai Chung police station on Friday night.

The 45-year-old victim was attacked by three knife-wielding men wearing masks soon after he left the station after work at around 11pm.

The officer, who worked in the station’s armoury, suffered injuries to his limbs and back – some reportedly deep enough to expose bone. He was reported to be conscious when he was taken to Princess Margaret Hospital.

The Commissioner of Police, Stephen Lo visited the officer in hospital in the early hours of Saturday. He said such a brutal attack was contemptible and he expressed severe condemnation. Lo stressed that wounding with intent is a very serious offence and is liable to life imprisonment.

Lo said that they believe the victim had no personal grievances with anyone but a comprehensive investigation would be undertaken without ruling out any possibilities.

The police Welfare Services Group and psychologists are providing assistance to the officer’s family.