A group of anti-government protesters said on Wednesday that they have decided to drop the term “anti-ChiNazi” from their campaign, taking into consideration suggestions from some Western politicians and journalists about the sensitivity of the term.

They said the use of the term, blended by protesters who compare China to Nazi Germany, has brought a bad name for the Hong Kong protests.

Addressing the media, a protester surnamed Mo said he personally agrees that the Communist Party is no different from the Nazi party.

“The prevailing view from various Western audiences is that ChiNazi is highly inappropriate. Due to the … historical legacy associated with Nazism, there is a risk that invoking such a term may trigger an immediate negative reaction about the Hong Kong protesters,” he said.

The protesters said the theme of the global rallies to be held in different cities across the world this weekend in support of the Hong Kong protests will be “freedom versus tyranny”.

They said they would like to draw international attention to the “oppression” of Hong Kong people by Beijing.

“Anti-extradition sentiments stem from the fundamental distrust in how the Chinese communists operate the legal system,” said Mo. “Our calls for universal suffrage stem from obtuse meddling of communist China in our politics and in our way of life.”