Former Chief Executive CY Leung says protesters are no longer interested in fighting the contentious extradition bill and are actually demanding regime change.

On his Facebook page, Leung, who is a vice chairman of the CPPCC, says society must do all it takes to defend “One Country, Two Systems” by stamping out what he calls the “violent, black-clad movement”.

He also says that apart from the various political, administrative and legal measures the SAR government can take to deal with the crisis, Beijing has “even stronger powers” that it can use to protect the country’s sovereignty.

Leung’s comments come after the mainland’s Xinhua News Agency described the ongoing political crisis as a “colour revolution”.

Xinhua said it wants to give the sternest warning to “anti-China troublemakers” that illegal acts challenging the “One Country, Two Systems” principle will have to be punished.

The People’s Daily newspaper, meanwhile, said it was “wishful thinking” of US politicians to play the Hong Kong card and think they could benefit from it.

The paper said the central government is confident that order can be restored in Hong Kong.