A large group of demonstrators occupied Harcourt Road by government headquarters in Admiralty on Sunday night, following the conclusion of a peaceful rally in Victoria Park.

A large convoy of police vehicles are parked inside barricades surrounding the complex, but so far police have not confronted the black-clad demonstrators.

Some protesters used a large slingshot to fling plastic bags full of white fluid that they said is milk, towards the government compound. Many others shone laser pointers at the building and shouted slogans.

However, the scene remains largely peaceful, with most protesters standing around chatting. Some called on people who are throwing objects at the compound to stop.

Secondary school student Chris and his friends have been there since the afternoon, but are not looking for any confrontation with the police.

“We are staying to look at the situation here and see whether the police have any clearing action”, he said. “If they do, we will leave before they move. We will be like water.”

Police issued a statement on social media warning the demonstrators to leave.

“A large group of protesters are currently occupying Harcourt Road in Admiralty, paralysing the traffic in the vicinity”, the message said.

“Protesters also shot hard objects into Central Government Complex with slingshots and aimed laser beams at police officers, posing a safety threat to everyone on site. The Police warn the protesters to stop their illegal acts and leave immediately.”

After a series of discussions at the scene, demonstrators agreed to pull out before the last train left, and vacated the area, allowing the street to reopen to traffic after midnight.

Last updated: 2019-08-19 HKT 00:39