A group of anti-government protesters have used the latest of their now regular press briefings to warn the authorities that they will not be scared off by threats of military intervention or the use of emergency powers.

The protesters, with their faces covered by masks and with their trademark helmets on, also ruled out taking up Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s offer of dialogue, saying they have good reason not to trust her.

A protester, who gave his name as Ng Dialogue, said previous talks between Lam and protesters, including during the 2014 Occupy movement, were aimed at dividing supporters and only ended in betrayal.

“Hongkongers are immune to Carrie Lam’s antics by now”, Ng said.

He said Lam should stop “overestimating her leadership” because the people of Hong Kong are not fools and they are aware that the CE wants to “exact revenge on every last one of us”.

“Hongkongers are like olives, only when we are crushed do we yield the best of us,” Ng added.

The creative pseudonyms used by the protesters at the media briefing on Thursday afternoon also included Mo Justice and Chai Burn.

A media report earlier this week said the government is looking at invoking the colonial era Emergency Regulations Ordinance, which would give the CE sweeping powers, including censoring the press, detentions, deportations and seizing property.

Asking about the media report on Tuesday, Lam merely said that the government is duty-bound to consider all options.