Anti-government protesters vowed on Friday to defend themselves if they come under attack during a “Clean Hong Kong” campaign on Saturday spearheaded by controversial pro-Beijing lawmaker Junius Ho.

At a regular press briefing, masked and unnamed protesters said this campaign is nothing short of a “Lennon Wall destroying spree”, and while they do not want violence, they “shall not hesitate to defend ourselves and retaliate.”

Lennon Walls have sprung up across the city in recent months, as anti-extradition protesters write messages on colourful post-its and posters in public spaces to press the government to accede to their demands.

Ho has said he hopes to have 30,000 volunteers to help “tear the trash that affects the city, clean the walls and clean the people’s hearts”.

Protesters gave a scathing response dripping with sarcasm, calling Ho a ‘janitor’ and applauding his “great effort in uniting the Fukien Gang with pro-government communities.”

Protesters have long accused Ho of encouraging violence against his political rivals, pointing in particular to video of him shaking hands with men in white t-shirts in Yuen Long, shortly after a mob dressed in similar clothing rampaged through the nearby MTR station, beating protesters and passengers seemingly indiscriminately.

The protesters said they would be on watch for any threats to their safety.

“We remind Mr Ho and his team of inexperienced cleaners that cleaning tools do not include steel rods or machetes”, one protester said.

They also accused police of failing to protect protesters who come under attack.

“If the government or police force is not doing their responsibility, it’s onto us, we have to be there”, he added.