A large number of demonstrators have begun their protest in Tuen Mun against the so-called “singing aunties”, whom they accused of creating a nuisance in the neighbourhood.

Hundreds of people took off from the San Wo Lane Playground, chanting slogans such as “reclaim Tuen Mun” and “give us back our peace”.

A large number of armed police were seen in the area, with some taking up positions at the MTR station hours before the event. The rail operator closed down the station at 1pm, two hours before the march was to start, citing safety concerns.

Even though a similar rally was held two months ago, the march’s organiser, Michael Mo, explained why there’s a need to hold another protest against the performers, otherwise known as “da mas”.

“After our first protest in July, they are still here and their momentum is still strong. We see far too little law enforcement and other government agencies have [not] taken effective actions against the illegal donation and alleged prosecution activities”, he said.

Mo added that he’s confident that the march will end before 5 pm, the time specified in the police’s letter of no objection, because the entire protest route to the Tuen Mun Government Offices near Tuen Mun Park only takes around 17 minutes to complete.

Meanwhile, others demonstrators also expressed their support for the ongoing anti-government movement, calling on the authorities to immediately agree to the five demands of the protesters.