Police today strongly condemned rioters’ violent and illegal acts, which endangered public safety.


In a statement, Police said masked rioters gathering in Mong Kok paralysed traffic by building barricades with trash near Portland Street at 10pm on January 25.


In response, police officers had to take enforcement actions to halt the unlawful road blockage.


At 11pm, when Police were preparing to leave after law enforcement actions, some rioters threw glass bottles and miscellaneous objects at a police vehicle. Police used a tear gas grenade to combat the rioters’ violence.


At 11.30pm, some rioters built barricades with wooden boards and roadside trash at the junction of Nathan Road and Shan Tung Street. Police officers arrived at the scene to take enforcement actions and to remove the barricades.


The force strongly condemned these violent and illegal acts. 


Police reiterated that they always respect people’s freedom and rights to express their views peacefully.