Organisers of a march planned for Tuen Mun on Saturday have succeeded in overturning a police ban on the protest, after agreeing to cut short the duration of the event.

The Appeal Board on Public Meetings and Processions overturned the police ban, saying the “Reclaim Tuen Mun” protest should be allowed to go ahead. But it requested the organisers to end the march by 5pm instead of 7pm as originally planned. The start time of 2pm was left unchanged.

The panel also gave a green light to the route that starts from San Wo Lane playground to Tuen Mun government offices.

The event’s organiser, Michael Mo, welcomed the appeal board’s decision, saying police should respect the people’s right to hold peaceful assemblies. He added that the force was simply wrong to assume that the planned protest would descend into chaos like other anti-government protests.

The march is a protest against activities of some middle-aged female singers in Tuen Mun park, who are accused of creating noise pollution in the neighbourhood.

Hundreds of people had taken part in a similar rally in Tuen Mun in July against the singing aunties – or so-called “da ma” – accusing them of illegally seeking payment, acting indecently, and even engaging in outright prostitution.

The protesters had complained the authorities did nothing to stop these ‘singing aunties’. The district council then passed a resolution against such activities and government said it will no linger accept applications for song and dance performances at the park.

But activists say authorities have not implemented the policies properly and the nuisance continues.