Pro-establishment lawmakers have defended the police over the shooting of a student, saying the officer was provoked and attacked before the policeman discharged his gun.

DAB lawmaker Gary Chan said it was legal and reasonable action by the officer.

He was speaking in Beijing on Wednesday as a group of pro-government lawmakers strongly condemned the “radical and violent” protesters who committed violent acts on National Day.

The lawmakers said their “illegal acts” were a serious affront to the dignity of the country and the Chinese people and had put people’s safety at risk.

The lawmakers said they firmly support the police to put an end to the chaos, and urged the public not to tolerate or sympathise with any violent acts.

Chan said the government should now consider all means to defuse the crisis and bring peace back to society, including invoking emergency laws and banning people from wearing masks at public gatherings.

His party colleague, lawmaker Elizabeth Quat, also accused some pro-democracy lawmakers of smearing the police in saying that they attempted to murder the protester by firing live rounds.

She said they didn’t mention the fact that the officer only opened fire when he was being attacked by protesters, and that he’d acted to protect the lives of himself and his colleagues.

The Federation of Trade Unions lawmaker Alice Mak also justified the police officer, saying he reacted properly to the situation at the time.

Mak said she believes police wouldn’t have opened fire if there was no violence in the first place.