Many shops have shut in Causeway Bay ahead of an unauthorised march this afternoon.

Hysan, the Sogo Department store and the World Trade Centre are among the retailers announcing they would close.

The shops are taking precautions after online calls for people to take part in what’s being labelled as a “global anti-totalitarian march”, with similar protests planned around the world.

The march – from Sogo to government headquarters – has not been approved by police.

Meanwhile security has been tightened around government headquarters in Admiralty after Saturday’s clashes. A water cannon truck, an armoured vehicle and several police vans were seen driving inside the compound.

Outside, at least two tiers of barricades have been set up by the police and a main access route to the area – the foot bridge from Admiralty Centre – has been blocked by barriers and steel gates

At the Legislative Council building where a red security alert was issued on Saturday, water-filled barriers have been set up outside the protest area.