Dozens of secondary students from 12 prominent schools across Hong Kong staged an anti-government protest in Edinburgh Place on Friday, urging the Carrie Lam administration to accept the demands of the extradition bill protesters.

Pupils from schools like Queen’s College and St Joseph’s College stood together to form the words “Free HK”, while chanting slogans and singing the protest anthem Glory to Hong Kong. Organisers said 300 to 400 pupils attended the event.

Lee, a form six student of True Light Middle School of Hong Kong, said most of the students wore black face masks as it’s the chosen colour of the anti-extradition bill movement.

But she also admitted some were afraid they would get doxxed – or have their information publicly revealed without their consent – and wanted to hide their identity.

A form 5 student of Canossa College said it was good for schools to band together in the action, saying when students of individual schools formed human chains outside their own campuses, many disapproving parents and teachers had stared at them, but there was no such uncomfortable scene on Friday.

Wong, a form five student from St Paul’s Secondary School, said youngsters like her have a role to play in this campaign.

“We want to tell the government that secondary students can also unite together and work hand in hand,” she said. “We won’t be silenced because we are students or we are not adults yet. We are the future generation and we also expect some freedom and respect.”