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The Government will continue to support young people in various aspects, Chief Executive Carrie Lam said today.


Elaborating on measures in her Policy Address at a press conference this afternoon, Mrs Lam said the Government continues to attach a lot of importance to young people even though the Policy Address does not have a specific chapter on youth.


She said this year’s Policy Address is more focused, with only four chapters covering housing, land supply, livelihood issues and economic development.


“I don’t have a chapter on elderly, I don’t have a chapter on medical services as in previous years.


“The reason being we have produced at the same time a Policy Address Supplement and if you go to the supplement, it does have a full coverage of all the policy areas, including a dedicated chapter on young people.


“We will not only continue these initiatives to support our young people in terms of education, in terms of employment, entrepreneurship. We will continue to find more projects to build youth hostels to meet their temporary housing needs.


“We will also provide more opportunities for their participation in policymaking or even for joining the Government to understand how the Government operates. So, all this work will continue.”


The Government will also continue to devote substantial resources to education.


It will launch a pilot scheme in the 2020-21 academic year to provide fellowships and scholarships for local students admitted to designated taught postgraduate programmes that meet Hong Kong’s development needs.


Additionally, the Government will introduce the Enhancement & Start-up Grant Scheme for Self-financing Post-Secondary Education to support self-financing institutions in offering designated sub-degree or undergraduate programmes that meet market needs.