The Consumer Council has issued a warning that some vegetarians may find difficult to stomach: some of the vegan meat products sold in Hong Kong contain animal products.

The council said four of the 35 mock meat products it examined and sold as an alternative choice for those who want to stay vegetarian but don’t want to miss out on dishes usually made with meat, contained animal ingredients that weren’t listed on the ingredients.

Around 60 percent are also high in sodium.

One product called “Saturday” fish ball claims it is lacto-ovo vegetarian, which meant it only has eggs and dairy ingredients in it. But tests found traces of fish and pork in it.

None of the products were in complete compliance with nutritional labelling rules. One sample’s fat content was eight times higher than what its label said.

The watchdog’s spokesman, Clement Chan, said they had spoken to some manufacturers.

“We’re making a very serious note, asking and urging the manufacturers to be more serious and careful on the packaging in putting up accurate ingredient list on the packaging. For not doing that, they’re actually contravening relevant legislation,” he said.