The Chinese University’s School of Chinese Medicine says it will let students interning on the mainland complete their programmes back in Hong Kong if they fear they could end up in trouble with authorities across the border.

Media reports say some students have had the content of their phones and their belongings checked as they crossed into the mainland, with officials suspected of looking for any extradition bill protest material.

The Chinese medicine school said on Wednesday that it had received enquiries from students “expressing concern” over having to take part in internships on the mainland. It said it will make arrangements as soon as possible for students to complete their internships in Hong Kong instead if they wish.

The school also said that since the beginning of August, it has been arranging for staff to accompany students across the border, adding that they will also make visits during the interns’ placements.

It also said any students who need help should come forward at once.

The University of Hong Kong’s medical school announced last week that it will not arrange any classes on the mainland for the rest of the year.